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Paddlers for Humanity
Erik Fredrickson's Fundraising Page
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Paddlers for Humanity is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in East Hampton, NY dedicated to bettering children’s lives, with an emphasis on supporting innovative and comprehensive mental health programs for kids and youth, including greater early intervention outreach, resiliency, anti-bullying, and changing behavior through a focus on the positive.

Paddlers for Humanity's catastrophic fund is also supporting the East End's COVID-19 relief efforts.

We are all in this together. Any support you're able to give will be put to great use for those who need it most.

Name Date Amount Comments
Sandra & Andrew Esposito 08/28/2020 $40.00 Thank you.
Maureen McDermott 08/28/2020 $51.80  
Dave McTague 08/28/2020 $104.37  
Jim & Heather Madden 08/22/2020 $250.00 congratulations - great paddle!
Harris Lindsay 08/22/2020 $100.00  
Marc Manzo 08/21/2020 $20.00  
Mimi Pizzo 08/19/2020 $104.37 Good Luck!
Krista Dove 08/16/2020 $26.06  
Ryan McNally 08/15/2020 $500.00 I love that you’re doing this!
Maurice Mataban 08/15/2020 $20.91  
Erica Dion 08/15/2020 $50.00  
Alison Liberty 08/15/2020 $51.80 Good Luck Erik!!
Susan Liberty 08/15/2020 $51.80  
J Madden 05/03/2020 $250.00  
Rose Fredrickson 04/28/2020 $100.00 You keep me on my toes! God bless you and be with you
Jim Madden 04/27/2020 $500.00 Great cause - and for being a winner on puzzle #1, 2, 3
  Total $2,221.11  
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